A blog intended for posting of whatever I get up to in bike touring, not necessarily in Nova Scotia (in fact, hopefully soon definitely outside of my home province!). Most likely will be retrospective rather than posted as I go along. The intent is to entertain, perhaps to inform, and even to satirize a bit (who, me? go on!) as the mood strikes. And if it happens to inspire a reader to do some bike touring of theri own, so much the better.
Some day I might even start taking along a camera and add a few pics.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Adding maps

I've started adding maps of the daily routes, linking to the MapMyRide site. The map "thumbnails" do add a bit of loading time, unfortunately. Ignore the little Elevation window in the thumbnail, it is bogus and the same on all thumbnails regardless of the route. To view a map in full screen, click the lower left button "View Full"; it will open in a new window (or at least it does for me). Then on the full view you can check "Show Elevation" on the right side if you want to see the elevation profile for the route. There are all sorts of things you can do with the map in the full view, so knock yourself out... On older computers some options might be mighty slow. Hopefully you can't save any changes to that file name! If you somehow do, please let me know...

5 March addendum... okay, I got quite a few of the maps linked in. Then somehow got distracted by some other project (just what, I don't recall, already!)